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Big Optical Shop Move

Big Optical Shop Move

Posted by Vic Maris, President on 22nd Jul 2022

We have been less active on social media these past two months since we have been finishing our 180 mm flagship telescopes and simultaneously relocating our optical shop to the larger facility next door. Moving all of our cnc machines, polishing machines and our delicate test equipment while tearing out walls and moving about half of our inventory is a big job. The larger building next door has a much higher ceiling, enabling us to test even larger optics should the need ever arise. 

And no, we are not saying we are making a larger refractor. The main reason for the move is to increase our efficiency. Since it takes a year to get our objectives to the highest optical accuracy, every extra step we reduce on site will increase our production. These past few years we have reduced our waiting times significantly. We are very close to having several telescope models immediately available. This move will enable us to make our waiting periods even shorter.