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Abell 1656 - Jon Talbot

Abell 1656 - Jon Talbot

Posted by Stellarvue on 24th May 2019

Abell 1656, Jon Talbot. He shares this with all of us before the holiday weekend. To “Own the Night,” Jon used his new SVX152T-WR35, and had this to say:
Here is the first light image with the SVX152T-WR35. I fixed up the 3 bright stars a bit to get rid of the color rings and some of the larger diffraction spikes. The image is of the galaxy cluster Abell 1656 which contains over 1,000 galaxies. This was done over the 3 nice nights we had at the Texas Star Party and is made up of 160min of luminance, 95min of Red, 105 min of Green, and 105 min of blue for a total of 7.75hrs. This was shot unguided on the MyT using 5min sub exposures with the reducer at 898mm focal length. This objective lens is really sharp and all the galaxies show a pinpoint center core. 
Image copyright Jon Talbot