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2018 StellarShot of the Year

2018 StellarShot of the Year

Posted by Stellarvue on 17th Jan 2019

Stellarvue is proud to announce our 2018 StellarShot of the year. The honor goes to Douglas J Struble for his NGC 6960 & NGC 6992 Veil Nebula image. Douglas has been generous in sharing his images with us over the past year, and we have loved to be able to share with the astronomy community and Stellarvue family. Douglas will receive a $100 gift certificate and 10% discount on purchases at for a year, by having the 2018 StellarShot of the year. We hope to build on the excitement StellarShot of the week made in 2018, and look forward to what we will share in 2019.

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted images as well as those who took the time to vote for your favorites. Make sure to check in weekly to see the amazing images taken with Stellarvue telescopes.

Douglas sent the following after learning his image became the 2018 StellarShot of the year.

"I have had love for astronomy all my life, but it wasn't until about three years ago that I could afford to really get into astrophotography in a way I thought I could truly own the night. Living in a heavily light polluted red zone with a bortal sky scale of 6.2 required technology that was non-existent when I was younger and out of reach until I got older. While I still struggle with IFN and dark nebula, there is much I am able to pull off with a lot of patience in long integration times pulling enough signal out of my noise here. That combined with many techniques I have learned over the past couple years has resulted in some astrophotography I am happy with. Stellarvue's optics are top of the line affording me the opportunity to reach many of my goals. I have much to learn and I am honored to have Stellarvue's 2018 Stellar Image of the Year. I hope for darker skies one day, but in the mean time I will continue pulling a rabbit out of my hat the best I can."