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3. Reducers Flatteners for Access Refractors

  • 1. Reducer Flattener for SV70T

    Focal Reducer/Field Flattener for SV70T 70 mm f-6 triplet apochromat This reducer/flattener is optimized for our 70 mm triplet lens. The flattener threads into the Stellarvue 2.5” A version focuser. It will also slide into a 2” focuser for...

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  • Field Flattener/Reducer for SV080 Access

    Focal Reducer/Field Flattener for the new Stellarvue SV80A Doublet Apo. This IS NOT for the SV80ST Triplet.   This reducer/flattener is optimized for our SV80 Access doublet lens. The flattener inserts into the 2" focuser. The 0.8X focal reduction...

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