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2. Flattener/Reducers for Premier (SVX) Refractors

  • SFFR.72 photographic reducer/flattener without adapters

    SFFR.72-69 Focal Reducer-Flattener

    This is the large reducer flattener made for our new SVX130T, SVX140T, and SVX152T refractors but this version comes without any adapters. It is align-able using the supplied flange and has an M69 female connection for the camera end. The telescope side...

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  • SFFR.74-102 Attaching a camera to the SFFR.74 for the 102T

    SFFR.74 Reducer

    This is the Flattener/Reducer designed for the SVX102T and SVX102T-R using either the 3" Stellarvue or 3" FeatherTouch focusers. Select which focuser your telescope uses above and the correct adapter will be provided.  This reducer/flattener...

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  • Stellarvue .8X Reducer Flattener for SVX070T and SVX080T refractors SFFR.8-80T


    This new 0.8x reducer/flattener works well with both the SVX070T and the SVX080T. It will correct up to, almost, full frame and has a variable back focus adjustment. At long last we have a reducer flattener that works with fast refractors and it can be...

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