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2. Flattener/Reducers for Premier (SVX) Refractors

  • Stellarvue .8X Reducer Flattener for SVX070T and SVX080T refractors SFFR.8-80T


    This new reducer/flattener works well with both the SVX070T and the SVX080T. It will correct up to full frame and it has tilt adjustment and variable back focus adjustment. At long last we have a reducer flattener that works with fast refractors and it...

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  • SFFRR.72-69 Focal Reducer-Flattener-Rotator

    This is the large reducer flattener with rotator that is made for our new SVX130T and our SVX152T refractors. It will also work on our former SVA130T refractors when equipped with a Feather Touch 3" focuser. If used with a 3.5" Feather Touch focuser an...

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