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Finderscope Ring Parts

Use these parts to allow you to mount your 50, 60 and 80 mm finderscopes on multiple telescopes. Works with all finderscope ring systems except the R50DA and R80DA. 

  • FB Dovetail Shoe FB Dovetail Shoe

    FB Dovetail Shoe

    This is the standard dovetail shoe that comes on the Stellarvue FSV25B focuser. This shoe may be used with our standard dovetail shoe (DA) and our new TPFD dovetail rail which is used on our AT ring system.     Please note: This shoe...

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  • FBR


    This is the two part mounting base/dovetail shoe for our R050ET and R080ET ring systems. This mounting base/dovetail shoe mounts to the top of any Stellarvue hinged ring. The shoe is made for the standard Stellarvue (Synta, Orion) finderscope dovetail...

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  • TPFD Rail

    TPFD Rail

    This is the dovetail rail used on a number of Stellarvue finderscope rings including the R50AT, R50ST, R80AT, R80ST.  You can mount two rings on either side of this dovetail. It slides into the FB and FBD shoes. 

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