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DSSP 2021


This stunning image was taken at the Stellarvue Dark Sky Star Party in 2019 by Tony Hallas. It shows the Milky Way from Scorpius to Andromeda and the telescope field where 50 Stellarvue owners get to see the night sky as it should be seen!  Stellarvue hosts the Dark Sky Star Party (DSSP) in Likely California during the new moon week in either late June or early July. This is the best time to observe here. Watch as the Milky Way glides over the telescope field.

This star party IS NOT open to the public, it is a private event offered as a benefit of ownership only to Stellarvue owners. Each year 50 Stellarvue owners get to camp under magnitude 8 skies and either image, view and/or do various activities. Just walking under the Milky Way which extends from horizon to horizon is simply stunning. 

2020 DSSP was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. Those who signed up had their reservations moved to 2021. Some cancelled so a few openings will exist when we reopen registration in August 2020. We expect it will book in minutes.

2021 DSSP takes place July 8 - 11, 2021. 

It will include 

• 4 nights under the darkest skies!
• Electrical hookups on the telescope field
• Presentations by imagers and other experts
• Movie Night under the tent
• Golfing at the resorts beautiful 18 hole course
• Several recommended day trips

We select the new moon weekend in July because it is 3 times more likely to rain in June. By late July or August local fires impact the clear skies. If you are a Stellarvue owner, you are not already signed up and you want to attend, email on August 1st, 2020 at 10 AM. 

Here we were at DSSP 2019:



Left: Having fun at dinner, even the photo-bomber.    Center: Cutest couple (will they win in 2021?) Right: Starlight Lounge were friendships are made.  


 The telescope field is covered with grass (no cowpies), is sprayed by the resort for mosquitoes (it almost works) and the resort has astronomer-friendly, IDA approved lighting. This year we had more telescopes on the field than in years past. 




Milky Way over 2019 DSSP by Brian Poole

Beautifully cropped shot of the Milky Way with telescope field below (copyright Brian Poole). This was Brian's first time at our Dark Sky Star Party and we hope he'll return for many more.