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Update 4/10/2020: 

We hope all of our good friends are either doing well or recovering quickly. Everyone at Stellarvue remains well, although our on-site staffing is reduced. Let's all play it safe. Stay at home as much as possible. When you must go out in public, wear a mask and gloves and practice physical distancing. Be mindful that you could have COVID-19 and be contagious without any symptoms. We will all get through this if we are smart about it. 
Under the new Placer County Order issued today, we may ship items in stock but we may not manufacture or assemble any non-essential items. We are fortunate that nearly everything was in stock when the order was announced. Delivery of back-ordered items that are manufactured in our shop will only take place after the County Order is lifted and we resume manufacturing. Again, most items are in stock, including telescopes (with the exception of the SVX140T refractors). We expect the 140s will ship in early summer.
Also in compliance with the County Order, we may not allow members of the public within our facility, so our offices will remain closed to the public. You may still place orders on our website and they will be shipped as long as the items are in stock. 
Due to limited staffing, email is our preferred method of communication. You may email us at, and we appreciate your patience if our response is delayed! As time goes by, certain telescopes will run out of stock, so you may want to email us to check availability right before you order. 
Finally, go outside at night and look up at the stars. Now more than ever we need to be inspired by the majesty of the night sky. So as we have written before, “Welcome home; the universe is waiting.”
Clear skies, 
Vic and Jan Maris



Update 3/12/2020:  As a customer of Stellarvue we wanted to let you know what we are doing to address concerns when it comes to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

During this time of heightened sensitivity, Stellarvue has been closely monitoring developments. We strengthened our cleaning procedures in our entire facility, educated our employees on best practices recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are using disinfectant on work surfaces and telescopes/mounts we make. Employees generally work in separate locations at least six feet away from each other. We are assigning phones and other equipment to individuals so they are not shared.

The office will be closed to walk in customers until further notice. Stellarvue is currently available by phone Monday-Friday, 9-5 Pacific time and you can place orders on the web 24 hours per day. 

No one on staff is currently ill and everyone working here has health coverage and sick leave time available should anyone get sick. Employees have been told to stay at home if they develop a fever or illness. 

One important reason to implement these procedures is to slow the spread of the disease so hospitals are not overwhelmed as happened in Italy. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to everyone in our community including our friends throughout the astronomical community.

Vic Maris
Stellarvue Inc.