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Trade In Program


When you buy a Stellarvue telescope you join a family of users who covet their instruments. Our instruments are not often sold as used. When they are, the seller is often upgrading to a larger or more advanced Stellarvue telescope. Recognizing this, we have established a trade in and certified preowned program allowing users to upgrade their old achromat or even their ED telescope to one of our advanced apo triplet refractors. Here is how our program works:

SV105--25SV 25 LL 400

Achromat Trade in: You can trade in your Stellarvue achromat for an immediate credit of $295 when you trade up for one of our apo triplet refractors. Sorry, the trade-ups cannot be made for an ED refractors, only upgrades to apo triplets are eligible under this program. If you are interested, contact us by phone or e-mail.


APO & ED Trade in: You can trade in your Stellarvue ED or Apo for one of our apo triplet refractors under a special consignment program. Contact us about specifics pertaining to your telescope. Essentially, you send us your telescope (after you receive an authorization number from us) and we clean, align and test it. We then certify the telescope and sell it for you as a Certified Preowned Telescope carrying the Stellarvue two year warranty! For this service, we take a 20% consignment fee. Since Certified Preowned telescopes generally bring in about 25% more than a simple used sale, most people find this program works for them. It is certainly easier.

Under this program you may either wait until your telescope sells (at which time we give you a discount equal to 80% of the final sales price of your telescope) or you can purchase the Apo Triplet immediately at regular price and when your ED sells we send you a check for 80% of the final sales price. These checks are sent after 30 days (since we have a 30 day money back guarantee).

Please note our consignment program has been developed so Stellarvue owners can upgrade painlessly and to help them avoid losing money on the sale of their used Stellarvue telescope. Please contact us before you send in anything as we need to discuss this with you first and we only receive products that have an authorization number written on the box.


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