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This is our best selling and lightest ED doublet refractor telescope. The SVR80ED Raptor features a unique, hand figured 80 mm clear aperture lens. The 560 mm focal length (f/7) air-spaced doublet lens with extra low dispersion (ED) glass in the telescope is used to reduce chromatic aberration or color fringing to near perfection. Compare this to normal two element achromats. While no f-7 doublet can give you the reflector like color correction of one of our apo triplets, this optic comes very very close. For the money, this telescope cannot be beat.

Fully multicoated objective: The hand figured ED lens provides extremely high  contrast; several extreme broadband  coatings are used on all four lens. The stars are vivid and clear and the background  is velvet black. These coatings transmit light above and  below the visual spectrum, making them well suited for ccd imaging.

Carbon fiber tube and dew shield: The tube and dew shield are made of carbon  fiber to reduce weight and increase the telescope's good looks. The carbon fiber  dew shield and black anodized aluminum end rings add to this effect. The dew  shield retracts, reducing the length of the telescope for storage. The dew shield may be extended to minimize dewing of the  objective at night; is also serves as a glare shade during the daytime.

Internal tube treatment:  The inside of the tube assembly is painted "ultra flat black" to cut down on excess reflection. The inside of the focuser is threaded, creating ridges. These ridges are painted, reducing the most commonly found type of  reflected  glare. This treatment provides better glare reduction than focusers that only have the ridging to prevent glare. All of these methods add up to provide the outstanding contrast of the ED lens.

Stellarvue 2.5” dual speed, rack and pinion focuser: Designed especially for smoother imaging, our new precise, dual speed rack and pinion focusers now come standard on all Stellarvue telescopes. These are fully rotating using an over-sized rotation collar and thumb screw. Tension control thumb screw underneath holds tight and eliminates all side play. For visual users, these focusers are ultra smooth and free of vignetting. For imagers, our dedicated field flatteners thread directly into each focuser, maintaining precise alignment. This is far superior to 2” Crayford focusers that are not threaded for accessories.

Machined aluminum clamshell mounting ring with mounting base: The SVR80ED  uses our unique, American-made, precision CNC (computer numeric controlled) machined aluminum mounting ring. This clamshell ring has several 10-32 threaded  holes on the side and top to accommodate finder scopes, a guide scope or other accessories. Our clamshell features an "easy-one-touch" single knurled knob for tighten and loosening the ring. This permits faster and  more convenient balancing of the telescope tube. The underside of the mounting  ring has a mounting base with three 1/4-20 holes, each spaced 20 mm apart. Use the optional TP14 rail for mounts using the Vixen rail and the optional TP6 rail for mounts using the larger Losmandy rail.

Supplied accessories: The SV80ED comes with the cnc clamshell ring and mounting base, 2” dual speed Crayford focuser, and 1.25” compression ring adapter.

What else do you need? In order to observe with the telescope you will need a star diagonal or erecting prism, eyepiece(s),  and a mount or tripod. A travel case is also highly recommended to protect the instrument

Light gathering and magnification power: The purpose of a telescope is  to gather light and magnify the apparent size of the object being viewed. The  SVR80ED gathers 131 times the amount of light of the naked eye. This will reveal  faint objects in space. Magnification power (the increase in relative size of  the object being viewed) is dependent upon the eyepiece being used. Different  eyepieces provide different magnification powers. Since our 80ED uses a highly  accurate, hand figured objective lens and is triple tested in the USA, these  telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism seen in many import telescopes. This  provides sharper details when viewing at higher powers. Dawes limit states that  the maximum power for telescopes of this type is about 186 power for a 80 mm telescope, under good conditions. Check the Recommended Accessories section to  make the best choice for eyepieces.

Two year warranty and Stellarvue Service:  Stellarvue telescopes and accessories are covered by a two year warranty. But it  does not stop there. Since we are a telescope maker, we can repair your  telescope for a nominal fee years after it goes out of warranty, should you  accidentally drop it on concrete or otherwise damage it. Buy a Stellarvue  Telescope with confidence. Our customer care is legendary.

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