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SV50A is a super compact ED Apochromatic refractor telescope. It has a high performance 50 mm f-6.6 (330 mm focal length) extra-low dispersion, edge blackened doublet objective.

Fully multi-coated objective: This color-free, high contrast ED lens has extreme broadband multi-coatings on all four lens surfaces. These coatings transmit light above and below the visual spectrum, which is important to minimize reflections. 

Lightweight aluminum tube and dew shield: The tube and dew shield are made of aluminum and painted Instrument White. This tube is extremely durable and will work well when using the telescope as a guide scope. The dew shield retracts to reduce the length of the telescope. The dew shield minimizes dewing effects and serves as a lens shade.

Internal tube treatment: The tube interior including the long focuser draw tube is painted black inside to eliminate tube wall reflections.

Mini dual speed, rack and pinion focuser with precision rotator and bearings: This telescope includes a unique miniature version of the venerable Stellarvue 2.5” dual speed rack and pinion focuser. It has the same type of 360 rotator, a precision rack and pinion, small 11-1 dual speed mechanism and it is threaded to accept both visual and photographic accessories. The focuser comes with a 1.25” visual back and is threaded at accept future accessories. PLEASE NOTE: in the Sky and Telescope magazine “Hot Product” article, S+T mistakenly indicates that this telescope comes with a 2” focuser. It does not. This focuser is a 1.25” focuser.

Mini adjustable clamshell with Vixen mini rail, shaped mounting base: The telescope includes a mini version of our clamshell and has the same “easy-one-touch” balance. Also included is a dovetail for mounting a reflex finderscope. The clamshell will attach to any mount using the Vixen rail, and can be adapted to use the Losmandy system and will instantly attach to any heavy duty camera tripod.

C50A Case 400

Supplied accessories: The SV50A comes with clamshell, reflex finderscope base, Vixen rail, and 1.25” visual back, and a mini travel case. The mini case holds the telescope and three 1.25” eyepieces and a diagonal or erecting prism. If you do not want the case and diagonal you can order the SV50 OTA which comes without them.

Recommended accessories: You will need a star diagonal or erecting prism, eyepiece(s) and a mount or tripod for visual use. The SV50A will serve as an excellent photographic guide scope using the small point and shoot guide cameras currently available. The heavy duty rack and pinion focuser will maintain focus and alignment better than any finderscope focuser. Later this year we will introduce our mini dual axis guiding platform. This quick-release platform will mount directly to the top of our larger telescopes, providing adjustments up and down, left and right. Using the platform the user will be able to align the SV50 with the larger telescope or onto a suitable guide star.

C050A 300

The mini travel case is designed to be compact. It holds the SV50A, three 1.25” eyepieces and either a star diagonal or erecting prism. Diagonal and eyepieces available separately.

Light gathering and magnification power: The SV50A gathers 50 times the amount of light the naked-eye. Magnification power is dependent upon the eyepiece being used. This telescope performs well at powers ranging from 10X - 120X at night and 10X - 60X in the daytime (heat waves make spotting scopes limited to about 60X at most). Different eyepieces provide different magnification powers. Since this telescope is carefully tested in our USA facility and is free of coma and astigmatism, sharper details will be seen when viewing at higher powers compared to many mass produced, less expensive imports. Check the Recommended Accessories section to make the best choice for eyepieces.

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