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Additional accessories: Three(3)

1. A star diagonal or an erecting prism. If the telescope is to be used for  astronomy, use a star diagonal such as our D1029ED.

2. Eyepiece. There are numerous types of eyepieces so these items are offered  separately. Generally three or more eyepieces are used, one for low power wide  field viewing, a medium power and one for high power. Please see Eyepiece Recommendations below.    

3. Mount and tripod. There are numerous types of mounts so these items are  offered separately. Please see Mount Recommendations below.

Eyepiece Recommendations for the SV160R Refractor Telescope

Low power: This is the magnification you will want for locating objects or  viewing large, star studded fields as you scan the Milky Way viewing thousands  of stars. We recommend the 31 mm Nagler Type 5. This premium eyepiece will provide a well corrected true field that  is about 2 degrees!       

Medium Power: This is a good magnification for viewing deep sky objects. The Ethos 13 is recommended for this  telescope.   It is a 100 degree eyepiece providing 98 power with a one  degree field of view.

High Power: For viewing details on the planets and splitting close double stars, use high power. We recommend our the Stellarvue 6.1 Planetary Eyepiece.

Mount Recommendations. There are many mount choices out there. Some are better than others. Don't necessarily believe advertising hype. You can waste a lot of money on a nice looking mount that does not have the desired accuracy both in go-to function and in tracking. The mounts below are the only ones we currently recommend, listed in order of preference.

1. Astrophysics 900GTO
2 .Paramount MX or ME
3. Losmandy G11
4. Celestron CGE-Pro

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