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The Stellarvue SVA130 telescope is our new Advanced Series 5.11" high performance visual/photographic apochromatic refractor operating at F-7. This telescope uses advanced glass types including FPL53 and better secondary elements to provide the highest level of pwerformance we can achieve. Imagers may use one of several field flatteners and/or field flattener-focal reducers we are creating exclusively for the SVA130T. for any sized astro camera on the market.

Fully multicoated apochromatic triplet objective: This telescope delivers the highest level of contrast and color correction we can produice in a five inch apo. We use a proprietary lens design with each lens element carefully hand figured to achieve a very high Strehl ratio. Each lens element is edge blackened and coated with an extreme Broadband, full multi-coating that will transmit light well above and below the visual spectrum, making them well suited for visual use and ccd imaging.

Aluminum tube and dew shield: The aluminum tube and dew shield comes standard in Instrument White, a durable, American powder coat finish. The dew shield can either be extended or retracted. Extension reduces dewing at night can cut out the light from those blaring street lamps. The dew shield also serves as a lens shade during the day. Retraction will reduce the length of your telescope tube for convenient storage.

Internal tube treatment:  The inside of the tube assembly is baffled and painted "ultra flat black" to cut down on excess reflection. The inside of the focuser has light blocking ridges. These ridges are painted ultra flat black, eliminating reflected glare.  .

3" Feather Touch focuser: The fully rotating, 3" Feather Touch focuser has 3.5" of travel and is large enough to work with our largest field flattener. There is  no need to ever go larger than this massive 3" focuser. This focuser features ultra-smooth coarse and fine focus knobs  (10:1 Ratio), internal brake system, ultra-low backlash system.

Aluminum hinged rings:   The SVA130 comes with two American made, cnc machined, hinged, aluminum  mounting rings. Each ring has five screws top and bottom. Threaded holes are  1/4-20. There is one center hole, two holes spaced 1.5" apart and two holes spaced  60 mm apart. Use the optional TP-10 rail for telescope mounts using the Vixen style rail or use the  optional TP6 for mounts that use the larger Losmandy style rail.

Heavy duty Case: A heavy duty, American made travel case comes with the SVA130. This case is much more durable than any of the thin walled import cases that come with less expensive instruments. The case is made in the USA using  real plywood. It has re-enforced edges and corners and heavy duty latches. With a handle on one end and wheels on the other, it is a breeze to transport. This is a $600 case that currently comes standard with the telescope. We ship the telescope in this case for extra added protection.


Wide Field Bino-viewing: The standard version of the SVA130T is capable of wide field bino-viewing using an OCA or OCS relay lens. This is the way most people use bino-viewers with refractors. For those who prefer bino-viewing and want the widest possible field, we can make a custom bino-viewer ready version of the 130 using a removable extension tube. Using the extension tube, the telescope operates as a normal refractor. Removing this threaded tube, one can use bino-viewers without a relay lens. This provides a slightly wider and brighter field of view when bino-viewing. We do not recommend this configuration for most users and even those who occasionally use bino-viewers. But for those who specialize in using them, this version offers a good option.

What else do you need?   In addition to the supplied  accessories, you will need a star diagonal or erecting prism, eyepiece(s) and a mount, and a reflex or optical finder scope

Light gathering and magnification power: The purpose of a telescope is to  gather light and magnify the apparent size of the object being viewed. A 130 mm  refractor gathers 345 times the amount of light of the naked eye. This will reveal  faint objects in space. Magnification power (the increase in relative size of  the object being viewed) is dependent upon the eyepiece being used. Different  eyepieces provide different magnification powers. Since this telescope uses a highly  accurate, hand figured objective lens and is triple tested in the USA, these  telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism seen in many import telescopes. This  provides sharper details when viewing at higher powers. Although Dawes limit  states maximum power for telescopes under good conditions is about 307 power for  a 130 mm telescope, you can exceed this power on a steady night. This is a  true apo triplet capable of high power, when conditions permit. Check the Recommended Accessories section to make the  best choice for eyepieces.

Two year warranty and Stellarvue Service:  Stellarvue telescopes and accessories are covered by a two year warranty. But it  does not stop there. Since we are a telescope maker, we can repair your  telescope for a nominal fee years after it goes out of warranty, should you  accidentally drop it on concrete or otherwise damage it. Buy a Stellarvue  Telescope  with confidence. Our customer care is legendary.

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