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Stellarvue SVR90T Raptor 90 mm f/6.8 Apo Triplet Refractor Telescope


Stellarvue SVR90T Raptor 90 mm f/6.8 Apo Triplet Refractor Telescope

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Expected ship date: 30th May 2018

Product Description

This is the Stellarvue 90 mm f-6.8 apo triplet made using our deluxe 2.5" dual speed, rack and pinion focuser. The focuser is threaded for photographic field flatteners sold below and has 1 1/4” and 2” compression ring visual adapters. This telescope also comes with heavy duty dual rings and a C20 heavy duty travel case. 

The Stellarvue SVR90T Comes with a fully multi-coated, 3 element objective lens with an Ohara FPL-53 center element. 

Tube and dew shield: The SVR90T comes with a carbon fiber tube and dew shield. Fittings are black anodized aluminum. The dew shield retracts reducing the length of the telescope when being stored. Extending the dew-shield minimizes dewing of the objective at night and serves as a glare shade during the daytime. 

Internal tube treatment:  The inside of the main tube assembly is lined with velvet to eliminate tube wall reflections.

2.5" Stellarvue visual/photographic focuser: Many years in the making, our smooth and stable dual speed, 2.5” focuser provides a full 3.2" of travel. This focuser is perfect for visual use as well as imaging. The rear of the draw tube is threaded to accept a photographic field flattener. The focuser is fully rotating with a wide groove for smooth and precise rotation. All of the features add up to one of the finest dual speed focusers available today. 

Motorized Focuser Options: Optec and Starizona

Aluminum hinged rings: This instrument comes with two-hinged machined aluminum mounting rings. Each ring has five screws top and bottom. Threaded holes are 1/4-20. There is one center hole, two holes spaced 1.5" apart and two holes spaced  60 mm apart. Use the optional TP-14 rail for telescope mounts using the Vixen style rail or use the optional TP-6 for mounts that use the larger Losmandy style rail.

Case The telescope comes with a thickly padded, C20 airline carry-on case. Outside dimensions: 22" x 9.5" X 7.5". Inside dimensions: 19.5" X 6" X 5".

Light gathering and magnification power: An 90 mm refractor gathers 165 times the amount of light the naked eye does. The difference is noticeable when compared to an 80 mm refractor. Although Dawes limit states maximum power for telescopes under good conditions is about 212X power for an 90 mm telescope, you can exceed this power on a steady night. This is a true apo triplet capable of high power when conditions permit. Check the Recommended Accessories section to make the best choice for eyepieces.

Two year warranty and Stellarvue Service:  We are with you for life. Stellarvue telescopes and accessories are covered by a two year warranty. But it  does not stop there. Since we are a telescope maker, we can repair your telescope for a very nominal fee years after it goes out of warranty, should you accidentally drop it on concrete or otherwise damage it. Buy a Stellarvue Telescope with confidence. Our customer care is legendary. 

What else do you need?  

To use your telescope visually, you will need: 

  • a star diagonal
  • eyepiece(s)
  • a mount and tripod
  • a finder scope and adjustable finderscope rings

To take astro-photos you will need a photographic field flattener designed for this telescope. 


Here are the specific items we recommend for using this telescope visually:

Star Diagonal:

Just click the option for the 2" Dielectric Star Diagonal button above to the right of the telescope's picture.


High Power Eyepiece for Planets, double stars and close views of the moon. We recommend either the EP 04.9, the EUW 04.0 or the EOP 03.6 and EOP 4.7. Get the one with the widest field of view you can afford. 

Medium Power Eyepiece for deep sky objects including galaxies, star clusters and nebulae. We recommend the EOP 09.0. 

Low Power, Wide Field Eyepiece for larger extended objects, loosing yourself in the star fields of the Milky Way, etc. We recommend one of two options. If you are using a go-to computerized telescope mount the E7026R can serve a dual purpose. This eyepiece provides a wide 70 degree field of view and it has a crosshair reticle built in. This reticle will assist you in centering the three stars when you set up your telescope to operate in go-to mode. You can optionally purchase an illuminator for the eyepiece to make it easy to see the crosshair. Since this eyepiece is economical and has the crosshair, many of our customers like using it.

For better overall correction and the widest field of view get the EOP 20.0

Mount and Tripod:

Easy to use alt-azimuth mountUse this with a heavy duty camera tripod such as Manfrotto 475. 

Computerized motor driven equatorial mount and tripod that is portable and economical


Multi-reticle finderscope

Finderscope base


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