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R76LV Guidescope rings


R76LV Guidescope rings

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Product Description

This is a set of two adjustable rings that are made to mount the Stellarvue SV60EDS Apo onto a larger telescope and use it as a wide field telescope, super finder and/or guidescope. Each ring has three stainless adjustment screws with nylon tips. Each ring is mounted to a dovetail shoe that will slide onto either a Losmandy, Stellarvue or Vixen rail. In the picture shown, the ring systems are attached to a separately available Losmandy style rail. 

This ring system has an inside diameter of about 76 mm. This is the perfect size for holding our SV60EDS Apo. Guide scopes are used as both super finders and for guiding the main telescope when doing astro-photography. The SV60 EDS is a superior apo that allows both this and use as a wide field telescope. So when you main telescope is looking at the core of a cluster the SV60EDS is showing you the entire field of view surrounding the cluster in vivid detail and high contrast. So now you will have two views simultaneously.

When mounting a guide scope on top of another telescope, it is necessary to use adjustable rings. Adjustable rings allow the guide scope to be moved slightly in relation to the main telescope. This is necessary because if non-adjustable hinged rings are used, the two telescopes will never be pointed in precisely the same direction. When using a guide scope as a super finder, adjustable rings will allow the user to make sure each telescope is centered on the same object. When doing astro-photography, adjustable rings will make it possible to point the guide scope at a relatively bright guide star while the main telescope is centered on the object being photographed. 

SV60EDS on R76LV Guidescope RingsIn order to use this system, mount a Losmandy, Stellarvue or Vixen sized rail of the proper length atop the main telescope's hinged rings. Slide the two rings onto the rail as shown. Insert the guide scope into the rings and align the guide scope with the main telescope using the three nylon tipped thumb screws on each ring.

Stellarvue rails are sold separately. Choose a rail that is the proper length to work with the dual rings on your telescope. In the example to the left an SV130 Apo is mounted to the mount using a Stellarvue TP013 Losmandy-sized rail. Since the TP013 is used on the bottom, mount another TP013 on the top as shown. Slide the rings and guidescope onto the top TP013 rail. 

The SV060EDS is first mounted to the guidescope rings as follows:

1. Unthread the focuser and rotator by unscrewing them, exposing the rear of the SV60EDS tube.

2. Unscrew the guidescope ring thumbscrews until only the nylon tip is extending inside the ring.

3. Insert the tube in the rings and then tighten the thumb screws so they touch the SV60EDS tube. Leave more or less an equal space between the rings and the tube.  

In the picture above we are showing the SV60EDS, TP13 rail and SV130 telescope with rings. These items are not included when you buy the R76LV ring system. Inly the two rings, thumbscrews and bases are included. 


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