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F60MI 200Stellarvue 60mm Finderscope

Stellarvue 10x60 mm Finderscope - Matte Black

Get more reach with a small lightweight finderscope with all of the features of the F50-2 series but a larger objective. 60 mm f-3.75, fully multi-coated! At only 23 ounces, this finderscope is lighter than competitive 50 mm finders! This finder-scope works with all  of our standard 50 mm ring systems except the clamshell. The 60 mm finder-scope comes in a neutral matte black finish that goes well with any telescope regardless of color.

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Stellarvue 10x60 mm Finderscope - Matte Black
Included with each finderscope is our standard  23 mm, fully multi-coated cross hair eyepiece with wide crosshairs, 1.25" helical  focuser, rotating back (requires some finder re-alignment after rotation) and  fully multi-coated correct image erecting prism. This is the finderscope only.  It uses the R-50 mounting ring systems sold separately below.

The 60mm finderscope has a tube diameter of 63.5 mm.

#F60M2 - $189


F60two inchs

Stellarvue 10x60mm Finderscope /w Straight Through 2” Focuser
This is a straight through version of the F60M2. Now you can use a finderscope in conjunction with auto guiders or mount a Nagler 22 to the telescope for stunning wide field views. This finder provides a straight through inverted image only. It will not work with a diagonal. The 2" helical focuser has a 1.25" adapter and our E3023R crosshair eyepiece that works with optional illuminators. For a true porthole view of the sky, use our 2" 26mm 68 degree crosshair reticle eyepiece.  #F60M3 - $199



2” Straight through focuser for F60M2

Convert your F60M2 finder to an F60M3. Merely unthread the rear (prism and 1.25"  focuser) on the F60M2 and thread on a 2" helical focuser for straight through viewing with your 2" eyepieces. Get a porthole, wide field view with this focuser and the optional Stellarvue E7026R 2” eyepiece.

#F60H - $49


Stellarvue Crosshair  Illuminator 

This illuminator will screw into any reticle eyepiece to provide you with a variable brightness red illumination on your crosshair. Vary the brightness to suit your preference. Knurled aluminum brightness knob and batteries included. Uses two standard GPA76 batteries.

#EI2 - $19

50 and 60 mm Mounting Rings
These mounting rings are 67 mm ID and are designed to hold our 50 mm and 60 mm finderscopes
Each ring has three nylon tipped, stainless steel adjustment screws.



Finderscope rings - with multi-use mounting base

This ring set comes with a quick release dovetail shoe that mounts directly to the Stellarvue cnc clamshell using two screws. It also mounts to the Stellarvue dual speed focuser using a single screw. It does not mount to the 2” Feather Touch focuser since the Feather Touch does not have any mounting holes. This is the one to chose for mounting the finderscope to a Dobsonian telescope either on a flat board or to a strut tube. It is our lightest finderscope ring system. #R50A - $45



Finderscope rings on dovetail stalk

Mounts to many dovetail shoes on the market including Stellarvue, Synta and others. The width of the foot at the bottom of the stalk measures about 1.21” (31 mm) maximum width and tapers to a width of about .82” (21 mm). 

R50DA - $49



Finderscope rings for mounting to hinged rings

Use this ring set to mount your 50 mm or 60 mm finderscope to the top of a hinged rings that is about 1” in thickness and uses either a 1/4-20 or 6 mm center hole.

#R50E - $35



R50F: Finderscope rings for 2.5” - 3.0” Feather Touch focusers and Stellarvue 2.5” focusers.

 Made to mount our 50 - 60 mm finder scopes to one of our focusers. This has a shoe that mounts to any flat surface or to our clamshell. It will also mount to a tube over 4” in diameter.  

#R50FA - $ 59



Finderscope rings for Scmidt Cassegrain type telescopes

Made to mount our 50 - 60 mm finderscopes to the mirror cell on SCTs that have at least one mounting hole on the mirror cell

#R50SCT - $59



Finderscope rings with base for Televue Clamshell

#R50T - $59



Finderscope rings and base mount to Takahashi focuser

#R50TAK - $65

Mounting ring parts



A Base

This is the same base used on the R50A. Mount this on a second telescope so your finderscope with rings attached can be quickly moved from one telescope to the other.

#FEAE - $29



E Base

This is the same based used on the R50E. Use this to mount your existing R50E ring system to another hinged ring. This base will work with all of our finderscope ring systems except the R50DA, R50FA, R50SCT, R80DA, R80FA, R80SCT.

#FE - $9



FBB Base

This is the same shoe used at the bottom of the R50F and R50S. It is a shoe that accepts our standard finderscope dovetail foot that is 1.21” (31 mm) maximum width and tapers to a width of about .82” (21 mm). This shoe has multiple mounting hole and may be attached with one or two screws.

#FBB - $22



FBD Base

This is the same shoe used at the bottom of the R50SCT. It is a shoe that accepts our standard finderscope dovetail foot that is 1.21” (31 mm) maximum width and tapers to a width of about .82” (21 mm). This shoe has multiple mounting hole and may be attached with one or two screws.

#FBD - $22


FET 150

Camera Tripod Adapter

This is a square base with a 1-4”-20 threaded hole on the bottom. It mounts to any standard camera tripod and supports the finderscope ring system. This is the easiest way to place your finderscope on a camera tripod for use as a small, wide field telescope.

#FET - $24

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