Product Specifications:  SVQ100 Quad



Options (extra cost)


100 mm clear aperture, 580 mm focal length (f-5.80), air spaced four element apochromat using an Ohara FPL53 second element. Optimized for full frame imaging.


Tube Assembly

Lightweight, fully baffled,aluminum tube and dewshield. Painted ultra flat black inside. 4.5” diameter main tube.



OTA: 19.1/4” long with dewshield retracted and 23 3/4” long with dewshield extended (focuser racked in).



OTA: Only 10.8 pounds. Rings add 12 ounces each.



Textured Instrument White aluminum retracting dewshield with cap. Dew shield front ring diameter is 5 1/2” in diameter.



Customized 3” Feather Touch focuser with all the features. Drawtube is modified and has 2” of travel. Focuser comes with a threaded extension tube, 48 mm and 42 mm t ring adapters. Optional larger aperture photographic adapters and a low profile visual adapter also available.  




  1. Red Dot Finder F1001/F1001C
  2. Multi-retical Finder F2/F2A
  3. Optical Finder F50M2/R50A


Aluminum hinged rings with the standard 1/4-20 thread Stellarvue hole pattern top and bottom. Holes are spaced 1.5” and 60 mm apart respectively, with one in the center.




  1. Vixen Rail TP14
  2. Losmandy Plate TP6


Comes with a C17 heavy duty travel case




  1. Stellarvue 2” dielectric diagonal D1029ED

Field of View

Full Frame Camera (Canon 5D, Sbig 11K, etc):
     3.56 degrees by 2.37 degrees. 
APS sized chip: (Apogee 8300, QSI 583 & 683)
    1.92” X 1.34 degrees.



Full Frame chip - 2.28”/Pixel
APS Chip - 1.92”/Pixel



135 mm focuser racked all the way in. Focuser’s attachment thread is a female M75 X 1 thread. Two 40 mm extension tubes are provided which thread into the focuser reducing the backfocus as needed. This provides the user with backfocus that is between 85 mm and 135 mm without extension, 45 - 95 mm with one extension and 5 mm - 55 mm with two extensions. Remember, adapters will take up some of this space. 


Field Flattener

Not required. Telescope has been tested with small medium and full frame cameras and provides a wide, unvignetted, flat field.


Light Gain

204x (human eye = 1)