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SVQ 100 Quad Astrograph


The SVQ100 is a unique four element telescope designed for full frame imaging. It is made on a very short optical tube assembly, well within airline carry-on size limits so you can safely take it anywhere you go. Field is ansolutely flat and color correction is virtually “reflector like thanks to an advanced optical system using Ohara FPL53 optical glass.

We wanted our quad to be extremely stable to maintain alignment and easily hold the heaviest astro cameras. For this reason, we employ the Feather Touch 3” dual speed, rack and pinion focuser exclusively on this model. The telescope now comes with a threaded camera adapters for both the 42 mm and 48 mm over-sized t-rings. We also have a number of larger adapters available for direct, wide aperture attachment to your full frame camera.

The SVQ is optimized for imaging.  Using a visual adapter the instrument can be used with a diagonal and eyepiece. While the overall visual correction of an astrograph is not the same as a high Strehl apo triplet, the SVQ will work as a flat field “richest field telescope” with excellent color correction. 

We are now shipping the 100Q astrographs. Orders yours now and receive it in only a couple of weeks!

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Stellarvue SVQ100
100 mm f-5.8 Quad made with Ohara FPL-53. Includes a 3” Feather Touch focuser, dual hinged mounting rings, and threaded extension. The SVQ100 now comes with both 42 mm and 48 mm t ring adapters. So you can directly thread your t ring equipped camera directly to the focuser. Order now and a $800 deposit will be charged. The balance will be charged when the telescope ships. These telescopes are assembled and triple tested one at a time. They are in continuous production and are shipped on a first come, first served basis. The SVQ100 is shipped in our C17 heavy duty case.

SVQ100  $3800




Stellarvue SVQ100 on Paramount MX with field tripod

Save $300. Same as telescope above but this package includes the Paramount MX and Paramount Tripod. You will be charged in advance for the Paramount ($11000+Shipping) and it will be shipped when ready. An $800 deposit will be charged for the SVQ100. The balance will be charged when the telescope is ready to ship.

#SVQ100MX $14,495.




Add our best 2" Dielectric Diagonal  and save $50

  • Oversized 1/10th wave mirror
  • Compression  ring 
  • 99%  dielectric coating
  • 5  point cushion system eliminates pinching
  • Factory aligned and star-tested to ensure excellent performance

#D1029ED Regular price: $189.  Buy with telescope above and add only $139




Low profile visual adapter for SVQ100

While the SVQ100 is primarily a wide field imaging scope, it may also be used for wide field visual use with the addition of our low profile 2” adapter combined with your diagonal and eyepieces. Available in 2014.

#DCQ - $39

Purchase a Mount




Celestron CGEM Mount

This Celestron CGEM has the following features:

  • Computerized, German equatorial mount
  • 2" steel leg tripod with a center brace and accessory tray
  • NexRemote telescope control software
  • Flash upgradeable hand control with 40,000 + object database
  • RS232 cable
  • One 17 pound counterweight
  • Car battery adapter

#MCGEM - $1499




Celestron CGEM DX Mount and Tripod

The CGEM DX™ mount is the newest member of our fully computerized Equatorial mount series capable of carrying Celestron’s high-end 11" and 14" optical tubes. The CGE PRO style, 2.75" leg tripod holds even the our 14" optics securely while dampening vibration, which is ideal for both imaging and visual observing. Capable of holding 50 lbs of payload and slewing at 5° per second, you will be able to instantly point to any of the celestial objects in the database.

#MCGEMDX - $1999





Paramount MX

Get the ultimate equatorial mount for your Stellarvue Apo Refractor.

MMX - $9000




Paramount Tripod


MMXT - $2000

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