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Televue set 2.2

These 82  degree eyepieces (all but the zooms) offer exceptional edge sharpness and work great with any Stellarvue telescope.

Our favorite “high power” eyepiece for lunar and planetary viewing is the 3-6 Nagler zoom. This 50 degree eyepiece is sharp and color free. It is the one Vic Maris uses for star testing. The advantage of the 3-6 zoom is that one can dial up the power according to the seeing conditions at the time. So one can quickly obtain the maximum useful power on any given night. Since this eyepiece is used exclusively for planets and double stars, the smaller FOV is not an issue. 

For viewing deep sky objects with a Stellarvue we recommend the Nagler 9 or 13. Of course you now have an even more stunning choice, the Ethos 10 or 13!

For stunning wide field views choose the 22, 26 or 31 mm Nagler. Choosing a high power, medium power and low power eyepiece will allow you to observe a variety of astronomical objects with adequate field size and the magnification necessary to see subtle details. 


Nagler 2-4 Zoom



Nagler 3-6 Zoom

This 50 degree eyepiece delivers  incredible color correction and sharpness across its range. This is our  favorite high power planetary eyepiece as you may dial in the  magnification to suit the seeing conditions. This is the eyepiece  Vic Maris uses for high power star testing. #ENZ-0306



Nagler 2.5 mm



Nagler 3.5 mm



Nagler 5 mm



Nagler 7 mm



Nagler 9 mm

A great medium power wide field eyepiece.  Another great deep sky eyepiece when used with the Nagler 20 as 82 degree FOV and 12 mm eye relief. #EN6-09.0



Nagler 11 mm



Nagler 12 mm



Nagler 13 mm

A great medium power wide field eyepiece.  82 degree FOV and 12mm eye relief. This is one of our favorite deep sky eyepieces. #EN6-13.0



Nagler 16 mm



Nagler 17 mm



Nagler 20 mm



Nagler 22 mm

Here is one of our favorite wide field deep sky eyepieces with a wide field and generous eye relief. 22 mm focal length with an 82 degree field. The field stop is 31.1 mm and this eyepiece has a very generous 19 mm of eye relief. #EN4-22.0



Nagler 26 mm



Nagler 31 mm

Awesome! Here is the holy hand grenade that  delivers absolutely stunning wide field views. 31mm focal length with 82 degree field. This eyepiece has a 42 mm field stip and a generous 19mm of eye relief. #EN5-31.0



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